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Wedding Locations

Both Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Locations at Your Fingertips!

Both indoor and outdoor wedding locations can be beautiful and incredible. Thankfully, we offer them both! Panhandle Charm Weddings is the perfect location for your upcoming big day, whether you envisioned an indoor or outdoor wedding, we have both available to be customized and catered to your specific needs. 


One great thing about an outdoor wedding is that you have the earth’s natural beauty and light surrounding you. With just a few enhancements, you have a gorgeous venue and backdrop for your wedding photos.

If you want a wedding with a more elegant look or just want to be super creative with the décor, the outdoors might not be the best choice. Wedding hall rentals typically provide more space to add your own decorations and truly set a theme.


Since an outdoor venue requires little extra, it is the more budget-friendly option. This is especially true when it comes to backgrounds for your wedding photos and many floral needs. Either way, we always strive to have the most budget-friendly pricing options available, because everyone deserves to be able to have a gorgeous wedding.


The biggest downside of outdoor wedding locations is the inability to predict or control the weather. While a pleasant, sunny day is what you hope for, you might find yourself contending with extreme hot or cold temperatures, rains, heavy winds, or more. Afterall, unpredictable weather is the name of the game in the Texas Panhandle isn’t it?

Wedding hall rentals provide much more control. You can change the temperature if needed, And you certainly do not have to worry about unpredictable weather ruining your hair and makeup before your photos are taken.

Overall, our ability to help you put on a beautiful wedding is unmatched, and we would be delighted to deliver you a wedding day that you and your guests will remember forever. Whether your wedding is more suited to an indoor or outdoor setting, we have the perfect wedding locations for you to choose from. Contact us today!

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