Frequently asked questions

How many does your venue hold?


Is there air conditioning?

Yes! We have both heat and air!

If we cancel, is my money refundable?

We are sorry to say, no, your money is not refundable. We have saved this special day for you and often times we have placed orders for your event already. Talk to us about our policy on rescheduling!

Is there a deposit?

We charge a $1,000 damage retainer. Out of that, we use $200 to buy event insurance specifically for your event. If no damage happens/nothing goes missing, you will be refunded the remaining $800. If damage does happen, we will use that $800 towards the deductable on the insurance policy. We add that $1,000 to whatever package you choose, and it is 25% of that total to reserve your date. Additionally, the payment schedule is below: 25% when you book your date 25% 6 months away from your wedding 25% 4 months away from your wedding 25% 2 months away from your wedding **10 business days after your event, we will return $800 deposit if no damage has been done to the building**