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Event Venue

Your First Choice Event Center Near Me

Are you planning a big corporate event or some kind of corporate party (like a company Christmas party), and you want to find a great event venue to help make sure this event is properly hosted? Company event and party planning is a very involved process, and you want to make sure every single detail is as right as can be. This is why Panhandle Charm Weddings & Events is such an easy decision to make. When it comes to company parties, you can’t go wrong with Panhandle Charm Weddings. 

Even though “weddings” is in the name, we host a wide variety of company parties, especially during Christmas time. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results, and that means that every aspect of your company party involving our event venue will be planned and executed down to a T. Our staff is highly professional and delivers comprehensive service, and of course our event venues are exactly what you are looking for. 

Do You Need Additional Services?

If you need catering, you might consider some of the wonderful vendors right here in Amarillo. You can find everything from delicious catering, to floral services, first class photography, bartending and more. You have everything you need right here to host a wonderful company event!  We are happy to send recommendations your way!

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